Often times, you are left without information and can struggle to find resources to help you understand your benefits and maximize your retirement.

You may have tried to get quality information about your benefits from the government from HR but haven’t received a clear answer. Or maybe you’ve talked to a financial planner who doesn’t specialize in your unique situation. Because there are many valuable options, you want to know what’s available, understand the different aspects of each, and how they personally impact you.

The Federal Benefits Group can help you get the answers you’re looking for and create a strategy that can help provide you the retirement you’ve worked so hard for. Our experienced team has walk thousands of local, state & federal employees through a simple process that takes the guesswork out of benefits and retirement and helps you prevent costly mistakes. Through our process, you may discover hidden benefits and avoid overpaying for coverage you don’t need.

Our Process

Assess Your BenefitsConstruct a Comprehensive PlanMaximize Your Retirement

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Services Exclusively for Teachers, State, Local & Federal Government Employees:

Compare Pension Options:

The Federal Benefits Group can help to calculate all the different options available when you leave the government.  There are many different aspects to your benefits, and you should make decisions that get the most value out of your annuity/pension.

Maximize Government Contributions:

Whether it’s your TSP, 403b, 457, 401k or other savings plan we will make sure you have the most up to date information and will help you maximize your benefits.  Saving money is extremely important to a successful retirement plan.

Determine if Government Life Insurance is right for you:

Life Insurance is one of the foundations of a strong financial plan.  When working for a state, local or federal government you have access to a group policy.  Over time, these plans can increase making your insurance unaffordable.  Our consultants can make sure you understand your plan options and coverage so that your family is protected.

Optimize Social Security Benefits:

Navigating your Social Security can be complicated.  Unfortunately, not all government employees will receive this benefit.  We can help guide you to the correct resources and get up to date monthly income information to help set up your plan.

Comprehensive Review of your Benefits:

Maneuvering the complexity of government benefits can be challenging. Our consultants are here to help with any confusion when going through the planning process. You deserve to know all that is needed in order to have the smoothest transition into your future.

Income Planning in Retirement:

Being eligible for retirement and being able to afford retirement are two different concepts.  As you begin your journey after you separate from service, having enough money on a monthly basis is crucial.  The FBG will make sure we review your income and expenses to help determine what level of income you need.

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